A different kind of law firm

focused exclusively on advising nonprofits, their donors, and benefit corporations.

WHAT We Do For You

Legal services tailored to the issues of nonprofits, allowing you to avoid, minimize, and solve legal issues at small firm prices.

LAUNCH your dream

From name searches to creating your corporate papers, IRS tax-exempt status to key policies and training. We'll get you up and running, legally.

Is a non-profit not the right solution? Start a benefit corporation so that your for-profit business can make the world better.

Learn more about starting a nonprofit or benefit corporation.

Or click here to schedule a free phone call to discuss with a nonprofit organization attorney. 

GROW and MANAGE your nonprofit

Considering a merger or acquisition? Leasing new space? Buying property? Hiring your first employee? Your tenth? We'll counsel you through it.

​Your donors are the life of your organization. From self-dealing to board conflicts, donor-advised funds to solicitation rules, let us help you keep your most important relationships on the level.

​Volunteers? They're not quite employees and not quite interns. Let us help you frame your relationship with your allies.

Learn more about how our innovative Outside General Counsel services can help clients grow their organization with predictable monthly fees.

Or click here to schedule a free phone call to discuss with a nonprofit organization attorney. 

RESPOND to the unexpected

Sometimes the ounce of prevention doesn't work. If you're facing board conflicts, employee issues, or the prospect of internal investigations, we can be your outside counsel.

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PLAN your legacy

It's not just estate planning. It's planning your legacy. From wills and trusts, to ensuring that your business or philanthropic legacy lives long after you, we offer full service legacy planning.

​Or click here to schedule a free phone call to discuss with a legacy planning attorney.

WHY We Do It

You have a vision for how you are going to make the world a better place.  You founded, funded, built, or grew your nonprofit or benefit corporation because you have a passion for making your community better.  We have a passion for helping you do it.  As a law firm dedicated exclusively to advising nonprofit and benefit corporations, our vision is a world where you can put your focus where it belongs:  on accomplishing your mission.​

Leave the legal work to us.​

Learn more about our Core Values.

HOW We Do It

We combine innovative law firm business practices and innovative billing practices.

​A different kind of law firm.

We're virtual. We're paperless. We're lean. We're agile. We're net zero carbon. Learn more about our innovative practice model and how it aligns with helping you accomplish your mission.

​A different kind of bill.

You don't get donations by the tenth of the hour, so we don't bill by the tenth of the hour. Although nobody loves the idea of calling their lawyer, you shouldn't be reluctant to pick up the phone and call just because you don't want "the timer" to start running. Learn more about our innovative billing methods.

​A commitment to service.

Consistent with the firm's core value of service, the firm periodically offers pro bono days. Organizations with limited means, or people with limited means thinking about starting nonprofit organizations, can schedule a pro bono legal advice session specific to forming, growing, and managing nonprofits.  Learn more about pro bono days.

WHO We Are

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