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Matt Morris is the founder and principal of M.G. Morris Law, P.C.  To learn more about Matt, select one of the bios below.

Who Matt Really Is

I am a lawyer who is enjoying living the third act of my life's play.

  • In Act One, I was a pilot in the U.S. Navy. I grew up in the Midwest, lived overseas, saw a lot of interesting places, met a lot of interesting people, learned to enjoy teaching, and became a husband and father.

  • In Act Two, I went to law school, was mentored by a wise judge, spent time in a big law firm, spent a year in Afghanistan, and spent eleven years as a prosecutor.

  • In Act Three, I am building a law firm with an innovative practice model and innovative billing model, focused exclusively on helping those who help others.

Learn more about Matt here.

The Stuffy Lawyer Bio

If you're looking for the bland, stuffy law firm bio, you can find it here.

Matt Morris, a lawyer for nonprofit organizations, previsouly served at NATO Training Mission Afghanistan as an advisor the Afghan Ministry of the Interior.
Matt Morris, a lawyer for nonprofit organizations, argues a case before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
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