About the Practice

How the firm works:





Net-Zero Carbon


M.G. Morris Law is a virtual law firm. Mostly. I don't pay for expensive office space because that cost would have to be passed on to you, my clients. And then it would get passed on to your donors. Let's keep your donors' money going where it does the most good: your programming. The address is real. You can send the firm mail there. The phone number is real, and will be answered by a real person. And if you really want to meet in person, we have access to shared meeting space there. The firm also belongs to several shared office networks, which give us access to more than 1,000 locations all over the country if there's something we should do in person. Otherwise let's practice law whenever and wherever it best suits your needs, including by phone, secure video call, and webinar. 

​We're paperless. Mostly. There are few things in the legal world that have be put on paper. And those shelves of legal books that you see on TV are just for show now:  legal research is now done almost entirely online. With our secure state of the art client portal designed specifically for virtual law firms like this, your files are available to you any time. There are no hard copies floating around. We will never tell you that we need to "look in the file back in the office." 

We're lean and we're agile because you are. As a concierge law firm, we're as nimble and adaptive as you are. There is no law firm committee that has to decide whether to take on another client or another matter. 

We're net zero carbon. By going virtual and paperless we have reduced our carbon footprint. Then we purchase carbon offsets to get ourselves to net zero. 

We're Veteran Owned.

How the firm gets paid:

Flat Fees

Monthly Retainer Membership

You don't get donations by the tenth of the hour, so we don't bill by the tenth of the hour. With a firm belief that the "billable hour" is a relic of the past, we bill only two ways:  predictable subscription fees (for most services) and flat fees (for specialized services beyond your subscription). You shouldn't be reluctant to pick up the phone and call just because you don't want "the timer" to start running. And if we're being inefficient, you shouldn't pay for our inefficiency. If we need time to think, research, or ponder, that's on our dime, not yours.

​Clients retain the firm as their Outside General Counsel through a predictable monthly subscription fee. Learn more about our Outside General Counsel services here. The subscription entitles the client to:

​For legal issues outside of the topics covered by the Outside General Counsel engagement letter, the clients can engage the firm as Outside Counsel. These are a la carte attorney services above and beyond the Outside General Counsel engagement, such as conducting internal investigations, drafting complex legal documents and employee handbooks, drafting employment contracts, and responding to threatened litigation. Fees for Outside Counsel services are negotiated based on the nature of the services needed, but are normally covered by a flat fee engagement letter.