Outside General Counsel 

You're not just a client. You're a member.

​Many lawyers can tell you stories about a client with a problem that could have been avoided with a 15-minute phone call last year that has turned into a major (and expensive) problem this year.

​The firm's Outside General Counsel membership has its seed in some questions. What would you do differently if you could talk to your lawyer without the billable hour timer running? If your lawyer is having an inefficient day, why should you pay more for that inefficiency? If your lawyer wants to slow down and be thoughtful before giving you a rushed answer, why should your bill go up?

​Following in the pioneering footsteps of several other nonprofit attorneys and law firms, clients of M.G. Morris Law, P.C., pay a fixed, predictable, and low monthly legal fee and receive a package of legal services in return. Although the exact terms of the service are set out in the Outside General Counsel engagement letter, here's a summary.

GROW your dream.

Considering a merger or acquisition? Leasing new space? Buying property? Hiring your first employee? (Or your tenth? Or your fiftieth?) Community members receive unlimited phone or video consultations on these topics and more. As you grow, so do your legal challenges. Our members have a lean and agile law firm standing shoulder-to-shoulder at these growth crossroads.

​Your donors are the life of your organization. Clients of the firm receive unlimited phone or video consultations on topics such as self-dealing, donor intent restrictions, and charitable solicitation rules.

​Members also have access to a knowledge base of articles, DIY legal forms, one-pager explainers of many nonprofit legal topics, plus archived recordings of training sessions, as well as at least six hours of live interactive training per year selected from more than a dozen topics.

MANAGE your organization.

​Compliance. It's a word that lawyers love to use, but your passion lies elsewhere in making your community better. Members receive at least one compliance "check up" per year, either virtually or in person, to be sure that the basics of your tax exemption, state corporate filings, employment records, and corporate records are on the level.

​Clients can also have a nonprofit attorney present by phone or video at up to four board meetings per year, and can choose to receive board training on topics relevant to conflicts of interest, self-dealing, and board member duties.

​Clients may also use the firm as their registered agent.

​The firm also provides periodic live and interactive training for employees, executives, and supervisors on volunteer management, employment law, and similar topics.

​How much does it cost? It depends. The membership levels, and the fixed monthly fees for each, are here.

​Ready to talk to a lawyer about whether becoming a member is right for your mission? Access the firm's online calendar using the link below, and let's talk. It's free.