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Pro Bono Day

A cornerstone of responsible law practice is the provision of pro bono services to those of limited means. As a law firm dedicated to helping nonprofits accomplish their missions by removing and navigating their legal problems, we are proud to offer pro bono legal services for nonprofits on days set aside to focus on organizations who need a little extra help. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who can use pro bono legal services for nonprofits on pro bono day?

A: Any person or organization of limited means. This might include a person who is considering founding or starting a nonprofit but does not yet have the financial means available to consult an attorney. It might include executives of existing nonprofits of limited means who do not already have an attorney and would like a short period to discuss general legal issues with a volunteer attorney.

Q: What is the definition of "limited means?"

A: Indiana's rules for lawyers do not strictly define “limited means.” It is a flexible term that allows lawyers to measure their pro bono clients’ ability to pay against what it would otherwise cost them to pay for representation. A pro bono client may not be indigent in the absolute sense of the word, but might not have sufficient means to pay for legal representation. If you're not sure if you have "limited means," sign up for a chat with one of our lawyers.

Q: Are there any limitations on the pro bono legal services for nonprofits that you provide on pro bono day?

A: Yes. The pro bono services that we provide to nonprofits on pro bono day are limited to general advice given for a short period of time on topics that are within the abilities of the volunteer lawyers. It does not include representing your nonprofit in any court or before any administrative bodies. It does involve any long lasting agreement to provide ongoing legal services. It's a chance to "ask a lawyer" questions, get some limited advice, get pointed in the right direction for more long lasting legal relationships, and think through the issues that you might want to raise with a retained attorney.

Q: Who are the attorneys who provide pro bono legal services for non-profits on pro bono day?

A: Attorneys taking part in pro bono day might include a lawyer from the firm or other attorneys who volunteer to take part in pro bono day.

Q: How do I sign up for a slot to talk to an attorney for pro bono day?

A: The dates for the next three pro bono days are listed below. You can use the links below to sign up for a 45-minute time slot to talk to a pro bono attorney providing advice to nonprofits and the people who found and fund them.

Upcoming Pro Bono Days:

Saturday, March 4

Saturday, April 1

Saturday, May 6

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