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Launch a Nonprofit

Hire a law firm to launch a nonprofit for a flat fee.

M.G. Morris Law, P.C., offers a nonprofit startup service for a flat fee of $495 (plus federal and state filing fees).  The service includes:

  • Consultation with a nonprofit attorney to discuss whether nonprofit status makes sense for your plans.

  • Federal and state name searches (plus trademark search) to see if there are other organizations with similar names (or registered marks).

  • Draft, review, and finalize articles of incorporation tailored to establish a nonprofit corporation and designed to satisfy IRS requirements for tax exemption.

  • File articles of incorporation.

  • Use of the firm as your registered agent for one year.

  • Consultation with a nonprofit attorney to discuss your choices of initial board members and operating procedures. 

  • Draft and finalize organization bylaws.

  • Draft, finalize, and file federal request for employer ID number (EIN).

  • Draft conflict of interest policy and executive compensation policy.

  • Draft, finalize, and file federal application for Section 501(c) determination.

  • Draft simple employee handbook and volunteer liability waiver.

Comparable flat fees from companies that are not law firms can cost $2,200 and do not include all of the services above.  Services of online form generation services do not include all of the services above, and can cost as much as $1,000, with additional attorney consultations costing more.

To discuss whether the firm's flat fee nonprofit startup package is right for you, schedule a free consultation using the link below.




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